Back Office Optimization

Technology, Security &  Value

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A common misconception that businesses believe is their Back-Office systems can no longer meet their needs.  Often the perception is the business has grown and evolved but the system hasn’t and can no longer provide for the changing requirements.   We have found it’s often not related to the system lacking the capabilities; it’s simply that the system has not been optimized.

Optimization is the foundation of our existence. Momentum Solutionz believes in understanding your business needs and working with your staff to craft a meaningful, manageable and cost-effective solution. We will align your business process to the technology capabilities to become both effective and efficient.  

Momentum Solutionz offers a deep understanding of retail and commercial business needs and processes, which make up the “Back Office” suite of applications.  These applications range from the Point of Sale system all the way through to the analytical reporting needs of your business.  Momentum Solutionz leverages technology as a tool in order to create a ubiquitous and secure flow of information through the various application suite, effectively providing information on demand. 

Momentum Solutionz also wants your data to be secure and recognizes that bad security is worse than no security at all.  But there  are no silver bullets, no one process, technology or certification that will guarantee 100% safety.   We provide our clients real-world effective solutions to maximize the usability of your various systems while maintaining top-tier security that keeps your data safe.  An effective secured environment provides increased efficiency and improved functionality.

Momentum Solutionz leverages our experience to maintain industry best practice to create a secured environment for our client’s data whether the data is in flight or at rest.  While this complexity offers you better solutions, it also means that more management is required in order to ensure confidential information remains confidential.  Our goal for any secured environment is to enable the user today and maintain a road map for top level of protection in the future.

While the right technology matched with the proper security is critical, every organization must consider the costs.  Momentum Solutionz looks to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your suite of applications.

By first understanding current system capabilities, we work with our clients to review and then develop, design and deliver a technical architecture that bridges and supports enterprise software and hardware systems. We marry our extensive experience in integration development skills with our deep knowledge of leading enterprise application integration solutions to yield your organization a tailored solution and a reduced TCO.

Optimization can only occur by effectively combining the key components of leveraging current capabilities, securing the environment and maintaining a path to lower costs.  Momentum Solutionz has the experience to help our clients accomplish this goal.

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Momentum Solutionz helps organizations create a “Blue Print” of the future state, keeping in mind time and budget.